Bigger_Boss (bigger_boss) wrote in size100,

Skinhead gear for sale

Rocky(levi's ripoff but better quality) Jeans jacket(European Brand)It says XL..but is an american Large..askinking 10 US dollars or 55884556 Canadian dollars + posting.
This is a ALPHA MA1..Real flight jacket comes with a stars n strips patch and a Lonsdale patch..(2 of the kids are allready intressed in it)..its size M...Im asking 40 us dollars for it + posting or British Colombia if your Canadian
..Black Lonsdale Harrington size XL..(prolly Large American size)..Im asking 40 us dollars for it or 98564556664 canadian dollars + comes with the flogging molly patch if wanted..

If you think the prices are to steeep..give me an offer and we will see....sorry, but I cant aford to sell them on creditt,use pay pall.

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IF your such a skin head why are you selling any thing black sell everything in pink cause thats the color you are you suckers! Is a fucking shame skinheads should be called pinheads or fuckheads.